web design

Either written from HTML code, using Dreamweaver or WordPress templates, à la caprice can create a website that reflects YOU and promotes your online personality. A consultation can train you to choose the perfect theme for your own portfolio or business or help you design an effective Social Media presence.  I can assist you to define your unique voice or mission.. Contact me.

THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I will be adding links to the sites soon.

Dixon Sports Computing: My first web design was created from the ground up.  The “players” illustration [based on German Expression Poster Graphics] and icons were drawn in PhotoShop.  The original template was created in Illustrator then traced over using Netscape. I taught myself HTML code and Dreamweaver to clean up the details. This website was online and regularly updated from 1997 until 2010.

YES: Yoga for the Essential Self website relects our clients personality and style. Starting with her favorite flower icon, we created her pallette of colors. The “Peace & Tranquility” Charm is Tara’s talisman and as scanned, appropriately became her brand. Other artwork and icons were created in PhotoShop.  The original designs for half the pages were created in Illustrator then traced over using Dreamweaver. Her blog and remaining pages are WordPress templates.  Yoga Studios have hired Ms. Thomas after viewing this site which is continuously updated as she adds more pictures and classes. TaraThomasYoga.com